Time Area Activities Content
16hrs. Fluency Talks about:

-Personal Experiences



Discussions  about:

-Social Issues

-World Issues

Interviews About:

-The Environment



-Improving Fluency, Collocations, Transition Words, Linking, Thought Groups, and Cognates.

-Stimulating self-expression by talking about you and your personal experiences

-Casual Chats and Small Talks

-Define and practice language components in order to improve proficiency.

-Tuition and practices to increase target vocabulary, written communications, grammar structure and Listening comprehension.

Speak Right!

12hrs. Pronunciation -The Alphabet theory

-English Vowels

-English Stress

-Intonation and Rhythm

-English Proficiency, Improving Pronunciation, clarity and Comprehension.

-Phonetics’ fundamentals: Stress, Intonation, Rhythm, Vowel Sounds, Transition word and phrases.

Say It Like It Is!

12 hrs. Vocabulary -Adjectives


-Idiomatic Expressions


-Different types of adjectives and adverbs.

-Modal, Phrasal and

Special Courses

Variable Enriched adjustable Content -Call Center Preparation

-Essentials of Service Speech

-Specific Business English

-Public Speech: Display Fluent Conversation Skills.

-Tips for oral exams.

-List of Tests: Versant, TOELF and Call Center.

-Basics of public speaking and types: Motivational, informative, persuasive and entertaining.

-Preparation for TOEFL:

o Speaking

o Writing

o Reading

o Listening


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