Four Basic Skills for TOEFL

Learning a foreign language is easy if you prepare a plan where you improve the four basic areas of expression: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

The order in which I listed the skills comes from the sequence of tasks that are given in a worldwide prestigious exam such as the TOEFL. Here, participants demonstrate their abilities by performing diverse assignments during a period of almost four hours. The exam has a cost of around $200 and it is a requirement to enter colleges in USA.

Many students overtake this language endeavor because they have gotten a scholarship, or because they are ready to study abroad under their own means. Regardless of the motivation, truth is, TOEFL will prove you abilities to the extend of being able to receive tuition in English language.

I use different resources to prepare students for this challenge: exam strategies, language knowledge and several simulation practices. Indeed, the key to get a decent score at TOEFL lays on the student’s ability to successfully understand sophisticated academic vocabulary, as well as to express themselves in written and spoken language.

A major factor is intelligibility in both written and verbal expressions. For the later, TOEFL takes into account good pronunciation, clarity and correct intonation. As for the first, students must demonstrate appropriate level of grammar and writing mechanics.

Lastly, Reading and Listening are receptive skills that can prove our understanding/reporting capabilities after the analysis of a text. To do well in these sections, we can use several resources such as note taking, transitions signal words and other language devices.

All in all, this type of exams can hugely impact on our learning experience because of the amount of language features we must use and more important, reflect upon.


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