Grading Low Performance

Be Ready for Tomorrow!
Be Ready for Tomorrow!

Teaching is a passion that I have carried with me for all my life. I love when students are paying attention to what I try to convey and when that magical moment of learning happens, that is, when it happens.

Unfortunately, the lessons I deliver are not always so adequate for their level of interest. Maybe this is due to the engagement that I can reach from them, or the technique used in a particular lesson. But for one reason or another, not all my students achieve the initial objectives.

Naturally, this brings consequences reflected on their scores and also on their exams. So, when the moment comes to grade their effort and academic achievements, we have to face important decisions regarding their performance. In most of the cases, teachers are benevolent with students who have shown hard work and attention but who could not do well in their tests.

Nevertheless, attaining academic goals is not only about passing exams since performance is also measured with other variables. By including participation, homework and quizzes we gather more information of the student’s profile, which can serve as a basis to extended scores. But what do you do when all numbers add up to less than what is required?

This is something I would like to leave in the minds of those who struggle to pass successfully, but do not show the level of execution that is expected. This is when teachers turn to their personal impressions and have to decide for them.

I do it all the time, but I’d really like to be sure that they won’t need it again because their effort will be higher in the next level. I just want to make sure that this investment involves the promise that they will do better in their next challenge. Just saying!


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