The Principles of Good Service

Are there guiding principles that agents must follow in order to build a relationship with customers and be able to provide world-class service?

Yes, there are basic components that cannot be left out to achieve this goal. The relationship with customers is actually built from the very first moment that the call is answered, and this is why the first expressions and general attitude will make evident a disposition to help, and one that customers can sense too.

Your customer places great faith in you as their representative and therefore, this relation must be nurtured as early as possible. You can control customer’s perceptions with the words you use, your tone, with your attitude and how you deliver service. A general positive personality enhances perceptions and opens the doors to build a relationship.

  • Voice

The most important resource that we count of is our voice, this alone reveals from the beginning an attitude for service or indifference towards those near. When we smile our voice becomes warmer, caring, enthusiastic and remarkably friendly.

  • Rapport

Effectiveness of customer care lies on the capacity to gain trust and engagement from the person who is asking for help. Agents start to build such demeanors early from the moment a connection is attempted.

Rapport means to be in harmony or on the same wavelength, in step with the other person. Everything that is done during a call must convey the intention to build a connection.

  • Listening

Hearing what a speaker states is just a physical attribute of your ears, but listening actively is an intellectual exercise that involves your brain and crafty skills.

This practice requires making the effort to acknowledge and to understand what other is saying. Listening is the cornerstone of customer service over the phone since we cannot see people’s body language.

Achieving a perfect call is a desired goal for CCRs and the good news is that it is not that difficult. It simply requires the components that make it perfect. The best thing? That once you know how, it is easier to get a next time.




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