Grammar Form & Function

Sugerencias: Shall, Let’s, How About, What About, Why Don’t, Could and Can.
Para expresar preferencias: Prefer, Would Prefer, and Would Rather
Para pedir permiso: May, Could, and Can
Para hacer pedidos: Will, Can, Could, Would and Would you Mind
Para expresar posibilidad: May, Might and Could
Para expresar probabilidad: Should and Ought To
Para hacer deducciones: Must, Must Not and Can’t
La forma Progresiva y Progresiva Perfecta de los modales


Hi all: Here’s the link to the summary of Unit 7. Please review. Warm regards.

Alexander Cueto | Certified Trainer and Language Coach
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Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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