Wonders of Learning

“I strongly believe that our purpose in being here must be related to our capability in understanding our surroundings, and yet we don’t dedicate as much effort to learn as we do to other activities, like having fun or resting.”


To transform into someone better is our destiny. Whenever we cultivate ourselves and grow in comprehension, it makes us become superior especially if we learn something new.

When I was a kid I used to dream about the wonders of everything others knew: how to build houses, draw planes, heal sick, speak other languages. It’s sad to see that as we grow up, our dreams do not always become true because we forget them.

I believe that the purpose of existence is related to the capability in deciphering our surroundings, and yet people don’t dedicate as much effort to learn as they do with other activities of more terrestrial pleasure.

Naturally, there’s work to do, and the need of being productive that leads to material necessities like relaxing and taking care of social conventions. But again, even if we dedicate a little time to learn something everyday, it’ll pay off the effort.

Imagine a non-skilled person playing a piano everyday for one hour during one year. Eventually, he or she will become better players after sometime, good or bad, but definitely more skilled than the first day they tried. This means that when time is invested in learning, change happens.

Today we have tons of information available everywhere, and it’s easier to access it and handle it. It’s a good idea to focus on specific topics adapted to our personalities: arts, mechanics, technology, medicine, math, engineering, cooking, or a simple hobby.

The amount of choices is infinitive and whatever they are, there’s always something new to discover awaiting for inspiration. The only one wrong choice is wasting time without savoring the wondrous miracle of learning.

Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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