10 Best Practices

Keep Calm1-  The name of the customer is the sweetest sound to their ears.

When you address a person for the first time, it’s essential to show respect and friendliness. This can be achieved by using their name and preferred title. That’s why we must try to get it as soon as the contact is made, and then use it with moderation throughout the conversation.

2- Listen and Discover!

The only possible way to help someone is to discover their needs, and this can only be made by listening and asking questions. After you listen, you gain the right to be heard, but first, listen.

3- Put yourself in customer’s shoes.

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand what someone else is feeling and partake in their emotions. But it’s not enough to know it, since we must acknowledge our understanding to that other person. By providing a sincere statement that demonstrate your concerns, you’ll gain the trust that your customer is looking for.

4- A Smile can Be Heard!

When we smile we attract others in a positive manner. It’s our instinctive sign to let know we welcome others and the best thing is that it even be heard over the phone. Let’s try welcoming people with a genuine smile in our faces and, our voices.

5- Keep Eye Contact.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a newcomer than being ignored. it’s not only discourteous but more important, it states you don’t care about their presence. As soon as the person arrives, demonstrate you care by looking the person to the eyes.

6- Your Body Language Speaks Volumes!

As much as 83% of an interaction is perceived by the sight over any other sense and it reflects most of the meaning of non-verbal communication. Our gestures, signs and postures of the body, can transmit much more information than what we might consider. Let’s not forget this when we have a customer in front of us, or someone hearing from the end of the telephone.

7- Focus on what you Can Do!

Too many times we project a negative attitude without really meaning it, just because we don’t pay attention to the words choice when we say what we say. Customers don’t care how much we know until we show them how much we care, so let’s be careful with those NO words, when we can change them with “This is what I can do”.

8- Keep Your Promises.

It’s irrelevant to cause a first good impression if we lose our customer’s trust because of lack of follow up. How many times do we promise things we can’t later grant? Never create false expectations with requests from customers, unless you are assure it can be done. Your actions should always agree with your words, and vice versa.

9- Thank!

When you receive a guest in your house, you always thank for the visit and wish they come back soon. This is the same exact thing you need to do with your customer, thank them for any suggestion they bring, thank them for providing feedback on the services, but above all, thank them for their visit.

10- Do Onto Others as you Would Like Them Do Unto You.

As the golden rule of customer service, this comprises everything you should do and feel about this delicate matter of helping people with their problems, just go by what you would feel if you were on the other side of the counter!


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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