Improving EFL with Music

youtubeBack in the days of my English learning, we had “Musical Fridays” when we would have a new song to learn after with the lyrics printed by our teacher, and then we would be taken to the Listening Lab.

The songs selected used to be played once for introduction and then we started singing along until we learned the song by heart. There’s a Kind Of Hush, Imagine, The Sound Of Silence and other important hits used to be our main topic of conversation until a new song arrived on the following week.

Today, we can take this appealing activity to a whole new level by presenting the songs through YouTube videos and having the students read the lyrics while they listen, enhancing the learning experience with much more benefits, such as not having to print and availability of 24/7 on any cellphone or mobile device.

This is exactly what I just did and I’m proud to present Music for Learners Playlist from my YouTube Chanel, which has everything that has been known as outstanding music from all times. I picked 50 songs from some of the most famous English performers taking in consideration the clarity and level of language used in the lyrics. Here’s a sample of my selection:

I’m All Out of Love – Air Supply with Lyrics  ☺ Take Me Now by Bread, David Gates…with Lyrics – YouTube ☺ Killing Me Softly ” Roberta Flack with lyrics – YouTube ☺

I suggest everyone in EFL to start using these tools and prepare PLAYLISTS with material that otherwise could be difficult or little attractive to deliver, especially in today’s world, where “being connected” means exactly that!


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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