When Business Loses Business

flechaThe way people are treated is the way people respond to others. You can’t avoid this correlation when managing resources for a company. The reaction law in physics explains that every force (‘action’) on one object is accompanied by a ‘reaction’ on another, of equal magnitude but opposite direction. This was explained centuries ago with a meaningful application to our interacted world.

When customers are victims of poor service, they take action by reporting the incident to the next level to see if measures are taken but, what if the same issue happens again? Now they think that the complaint has to be taken to higher levels, and if nothing is done again, then it’s time to take their business somewhere else!

Losing customers might take place after isolated issues occurs, and then it turns out to be a more complex matter. When customers realize that there’s a relation between lack of care to employees and low-quality performance, they assume that managers are not doing what they’re supposed to. They also think that it has to do with the company’s policies. Maybe something so important that affects the whole structure of the business, say, salaries. If this is the cause of poor customer service customers tend to lose their good perception towards the company.

For a company to provide good service, few things are required: a technical platform and well-disposed people to complete specific tasks. There should also be a supervision structure to guarantee things are achieved as expected. Aside from this, people’s attitude is a decisive factor to keep at sight.

Customers know that when companies don’t invest in competitive salaries or trainings, the result is poor customer service. The reason is simple, you can’t give what you don’t receive. Don’t expect excellence from your people if you don’t satisfy what they expect from you. Employees want to see that the organization practices what preaches.

Companies that depend on customer relations must be aware of the importance of every detail in operations and should not lose sight of the physical conditions under which collaborators perform their duties. Fairness and respect are some that can lead to an enduring and solid alliance with a common goal: customer satisfaction.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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