A Job in a Call Center

Call Center Taxis LibresOne of the key points and most important in getting a call center job is English. Language per se is a gateway to a lot of different positions, for example, you can become a CCR (Customer Care Representative) after you receive a training which, by the way, will be fully paid.

Of course, you need to have other qualifications like, computer knowledge, to the extent of knowing how to type, navigating windows and opening documents among other typical work tasks. Ability to multitask is another skill that you demonstrate for instance, taking a phone call while writing on the notepad or reading scripts from an application.

As for the training, we recommend you to take it with passion and with an open mind (learning is like a parachute, it only works if it’s open). You must also actively participate to ensure your learning experience takes place as the course moves on, and don’t forget to pass the tests, especially those related to “mock calls” assessments in which your trainer will pretend he or she is the customer and expects you to resolve the cause of the call as effectively as you can. And all while you display your best soft-skills: empathy, upbeat mood and master of call mechanics.

On The Job: what is expected from you once you get the job.

Taking Calls is the main task of the job after training. This is where you are going to be sitting in the production floor with other qualified reps answering questions, giving technical support, selling different products if the case, and dealing with various types of  customers, some of them being “happy campers” and some others with a more demanding attitude. No need to worry though, since you will be taught special techniques to handle all types of callers.

Learning more: The applications used in call centers are many and with distinct procedures, all related to the job of call taking. All systems are web-based, which makes it simple for operation and user-friendliness. There are applications to receive the calls, access customers’ accounts, research technical information, scripts for selling, etc. The more you learn about these resources, the more talented you become and the more important your contribution will be.

The Quality Department is the one that evaluates your performance in different key areas, i.e. “How you treated the customer”, “Did you build rapport?, Did you use what you learned in training correctly? and other areas like empathy, vocal quality, active listening, resolving the issue and closing the call. The outcome: this is where it matters, why? Well, the better you perform the faster you will get recognized so you will be kept in mind for the next available position.

You must also bear in mind that working here is like being connected to “The Matrix” because everything you do is recorded in the system and is used to analyze and monitor your performance and how it affects the system as a whole. KPIs are the key indicators that involve AHT (your handling time), ACW (after call work) and adherence.

Working in call centers will open the doors to today’s world, full of opportunities and new things to learn but you’re the only that can turn the knob. Prepare your self to a new and rewarding challenge. Study, practice and take the first step.



Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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