Planting Service Seeds

After achieving an important growth in BPO industry, not only have we outstood in number of operating call center companies, but have also achieved international recognition in providing qualified staffs for this vital level of business.

Renowned customer service business solutions providers explore our labor market in order to obtain the best resources to be refined through different types of trainings: customer service, technical support, sales, translation and interpreting, billing, etc.

The competence of our labor market is validated because of demonstrated effective levels of performance and a huge development potential. In addition to solid background stability achieved in past years, our workers exhibit conditions to become a world-class reference for the provision of sustaining customer support.

Some of the traits that can prove right our statements are founded on the following facts:

1st. Common Cultural Background: Our geographical and historical closeness to United States impact our culture and customs in a way hard to find anywhere else.

2nd. Extensive Language Education Programs: English learning has been traditionally implemented in all levels of society and reaching wide segments of our population.

3rd. Natural Warm Friendliness: Dominicans approach and treat foreigners with welcoming and hospitalizing manners which creates extraordinary characteristics providing customer service.

Besides the economic benefits that encourage operations and expansion of external investments, our market is in the position to offer fertile ground where immediate and long term production of excellent customer service representatives can fulfill current and future demand. The major challenge we face relates to our capability in fine-tuning those unattended levels of instruction with enough expertise to supply our growing market, which is particularly compounded by external consumers.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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