Developing Strategies

By designing a coherent program in which workers are trained consistently in areas of motivation and mutual cooperation, companies insert a new perspective in the staff for career development relation.

This way, there is no need to invest in costly processes of new hiring and training but instead exploiting experience of tenured personnel who have acquired the most efficient skills to perform the required tasks.

A successful training program will also adjust any possible disparity or bad habits due to misunderstandings which could now be revised from a more mature perspective provided the level of capabilities from senior employees.

And at the same time, will focus the attention on new endeavors for the personnel’s horizontal growth rather than a vertical promotion, tuning with our primary goals of customer service due to a high level of specialization.

Working out the different structures of the organization chart is necessary for this implementation because each link in the chain must transmit the same idea to the line-workers and supervisors should develop new practices in attention to the change.arrow cloud

But the plan should not be only focused on the technical part, since equally important there are other aspects of consideration that must take place in a global plan to ensure a complete vision of the problem; in alignment with the application of a formal training  catalog we can also include education in core values and the new strategy to be implemented.

The best practical means to ensure a complete understanding and discussion of the plans could be inserted in sessions with professionals or consistent meetings to the general staff. Other proposals can include bringing over motivational experts and identifying appropriate courses/workshops specially designed for a particular experience.

And at the same time, special outdoors activities to reinforce diverse qualities in the individuals: customer oriented work, collaboration, team work, productivity, analytical thinking, adaptation to new challenges and many other which can be easily achieved with specific consulting  firms available in our market.

Not less important is the reflection of the things that can be done better by reviewing internal policies and periodical activities:

—  More credibility to the promotions’ process —  Attention to the common areas —  Access to online libraries to create more interest in workplace —  Periodical celebration of special activities dedicated to the staff —  Acknowledgement of employees with annual rewards —  Bonus for results plan

Hiring new employees is an expensive operation because of the costs in recruitment, training and adaptation besides the risks with customer relationship, where experience is highly appreciated due to the effectiveness and accuracy for completing the tasks. Investing time to create a new model of liaison with our staff will provide more benefits to the company as well as for managers


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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