Benefits of the Dialogs

As we know, communication is a human need that is constantly practiced. Not only do we receive messages of distinct nature and through various channels, but also we express our ideas, necessities and opinions using several methods.

Engaging in a conversation with our peers is done due to many motivations. We talk with our families at home, with relatives and neighbors. Outside, we interact with coworkers, classmates and friends. Participating in meetings of different types is another way to be part of the communication act.

Speakers of English as a second or foreign language must actively look for occasions to participate in dialogs, discussions or other kinds of oral interaction. These opportunities can be found within communities and close circles.

Attending lectures, seminars and conferences are good chances to reproduce our target language in real life situations. Other visitors will be willing to share their opinions about topics presented and you can also provide your inputs, as well as take part in questions and answers sessions.

One of the most accessible ways to put in practice your speaking abilities is by joining clubs and participating in activities oriented to English speaking members. There are clubs for movies, literature, arts or even sports activities, where you may find groups interested in cultural exchange.

English language has impact if many levels of communities, including religious and social activities. You may contact local representatives of religious orders and cult congregations to find out if they offer services in English language that you can attend. For example, international institutions like Red Cross or YMCA usually offer positions of international nature, where you can relate with native speakers.

Other places to consider are touristic places where you will find English speakers pleased to speak with residents about local customs, traditions and culture.

When it comes to increase your available resources to speak English, nothing will do better than your friends, colleagues and relatives. Try to keep a circle of English speakers around you. Talk to them about your daily experiences and other mutual topics.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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