Components of Good Service: Providers

When measuring effectiveness of service from a company, consumers evaluate it through different dimensions that will result in a general perception of their satisfaction. They will think of quality as a valid indicator, but it could be hard to define if it doesn’t relate to their unique needs. They could come out with appreciation of value received from the amount paid, or derived from after-sales interactions and communication channels.

Nevertheless, there are basic principles that buyers review concerning fundamental functions of the product or service. Reliability is to consider, due to all expectations generated prior acquisition, when a necessity or desire was proposed to be satisfied. Durability is also appointed because consumers expect their investment to last and are motivated to believe in an elongation of products’ fullness.

More importantly, companies should take into consideration that even after making mistakes during production or marketing stages, listening to consumers is always a positive approach and can only produce benefits. Especially if you consider that good practices -like keeping ears open to market and public opinion, don’t generate significant expenses.

Successful companies know that maintaining channels for suggestions, claims, disputes or even protests, ensures that customers have the power to decide. This can be the difference in the decision-making process and adds certainty to policies that could be adopted in the future. Listening is vital because even when customers don’t speak, they are saying something. It is just about finding the right questions and dedicating resources for the answers.

Managers also need to be reminded of a social  commitment that allowed their organization to operate based on a initial promise: the undertaking of certain needs discovered in a market or segment. Moreover, this promise is to be fulfilled as much as possible, attending disputes from those who might feel negatively affected.

The extension of attention includes all the stages of production, operation, marketing and final use. Once that a breach of trust is open for the business, it will depend on management’s skills to generating benefits that consumers can appreciate. In summary, the most effective business strategy is to play by the rules, respecting customers, competitors and laws to protect the system´s health and that of business as well.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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