Let Us Raise Our Service Standards

Working in service position is a common thing in our time due to the type of economy we live in, naturally; so everyone appreciates business are taken care of efficiently and in a pleasant way. On the other hand, we reject and get as far as possible from providers who don’t have any idea of the meaning of the phrase ¨customers are always right¨ even if they do have a picture of if hanging on the walls of the business.

So what happens when we face a façade of customer service that at least politically, provide us with the essential supplies we demand but we know there are low tricks and whispered codes diminishing the value of our investments? It means there is a lack of knowledge from the real essence of the business: that the customers deserve the respect and advocacy we can provide for them as much as possible.

Customer advocacy is an obligation from companies to guarantee that the consumers are going to get the best value for their money and that representatives have the skills, access and empowerment to provide solutions to every service situation that might arise throughout the acquisition and use of the product or service.

To pretend that we care when we actually don’t is a lie that cannot sustain in time and that eventually will pay back with less sales and customer loyalty. People can tell when the advertisement is just a hook to catch fishes in the sea, the intention is only predatory with no further preservation’s plans. This erroneous behavior can only lead to a plummeting level of operations with a consequent shut down of the business.

Besides the financial considerations, corporations must deal with the moral and public implications which they are tied to. The fact that a company is allowed to function is because of its constitution as a social entity, just the same as individuals dwell in a societal environment. There are regulations to coexist respecting the sense of fairness based in everyone’s right to act without trespassing the others´.

When engrossing the box office constitutes the only objective for companies, without minding for the side-effects or ensuring that their clients receive a true benefit from commercial dealings, it violates the self-preserving relation that guarantees the economical evolution of the system, which is nothing else but progress to each one of its components.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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