We Can Do Better

If there is something we need to convey comprehension about is the concept of improvement, how the constant dedication to specific labors can actually change our limitations into new ways of skills and the creation of competence in our environment -social and professional.

For instance, take your company and think how beneficial could it be to have everyone motivated to give their best whenever they can in their respective areas. Workers raising productivity to unimaginable levels due to a synergy created by the coordinated sum of efforts in production.

That is why human force is the most valuable resource for the companies given that candidates are hired for a specific value -the one brought to the interview- which is increasingly strengthen as he/she spends time perfecting the modus operandi of the tasks assigned. And more than that, the individuals develop their full potential when appropriately managed, thus contributing to the enrichment and talented undertakings of  the business strategies.

When you have the sense of doing things better on a large proportion, say, the working population of an industrial area, it is possible to develop progress on a large scale as well. This has been proven before and the protagonists of such an ideal have become strong competitors of the world economy bringing about innovations and methods considered to date, paradigms of excellence to be followed by the rest of us, merely observers.

Great corporations designed concepts as Total Quality and Just in Time that revolutionized whole eras of stagnation because they sat an started discussing the possibilities of doing things better. Sigma Six is another example of  perfectionism’s belief defying the limits of prominence that we could reach. And all started because there were people who thought in alternatives to the manner they were working.

All I’m saying is that there is a solution to this wrong vocation we have chosen until now, and it can be found in factories, retailers, service providers, salespeople, universities. Anywhere there is human interaction, there is the possibility of change. Because we have evolved from a long time and from a very distinct conception of the world, hence the evident nature of our purpose as agents of change.

Let us talk about it and get hooked on the idea of bringing diversity to our surroundings, thinking different than what has been imposed by external appraisals or historical misconceptions of socio-cultural behavior because we have also demonstrated exceptional contributions and examples of unique talented qualifications.

But the time is now and the place is here, start today by paying more attention to the explanations received in classes, following up pending homework in your school or your job or with your friends and family. With coworkers and customers, suppliers and colleagues. It is all a chain that once is tuned up, it will grow and produce the inevitable change that our world is prompting us to engage in.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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