Why Do Dominicans Learn English?

English language is present in the Dominican culture from long time ago because of many historical reasons. Being The United States’ backyard has meant a great deal of cultural influence to the Dominican people; USA has at the same time, conformed our second largest city: New York. Furthermore, the two military invasions to our territory left a sequel of customs and significance to social behavior that could not escape the implications in language, hence the variations of some of the most common expressions that still today reflect this integrating process.

Words like “pariguayo”, “vaguada”, “yaniqueque” and others not yet confirmed represent illustrations from unknown origins gotten lost in the field of magical and quotidian but which have a continuous presence in our lives. On the other side, the Spanish rule to assimilate into our vocabulary the sounds of foreign words has brought a large index of sport terminology.

More recently, changes in technology and the impact in our academic and business grounds validate how easily we can adapt our necessities to the simplest forms of communication, so that many of the words to identify technical occurrences have been distorted into a “Spanglish” form of language without which normal activities could not be developed.

The English language has a powerful incidence on most of the civilization today and it’s not possible to think of any field that doesn’t show a relation with this tongue even as slight as it might be, not mentioning the publication of the most important researches in this particular means. This is the reason why today, more and more people are surrendered by the appealing of learning English, because of the relationship between what they do and how they can do it better, accessing to a major area of information, that is mostly spread in this particular language.

And our country is no exception to this rule whereas the learning of English has generated a big amount of teaching structure throughout the years which have resulted in an educational that brings about changes in what is offered and what is required for the students and more important, for the educators. I hope that I can present in this blog, some of the changes occurred in this process and how we can benchmark the main areas of improvement to better assist our customers, who are growing in quantity and expectations to our performance.


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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