Language Skills Improves Business in DR

Nowadays it is unthinkable to apply for any intermediate qualified position if among the requirements, speaking English is not met. And this trend upholds more firmly everyday due to the current business necessities based on the information flow. But more closely stands the specific related jobs which demand the knowledge of foreign languages in order to properly perform the related tasks.

Touristic operations, for example, demands direct contact with English speakers and it doesn´t go much farther if operators don’t have some level of language proficiency. For hotels, restaurants, bars, airports, even transportation and other facilities inside the service field, the desirable candidates must offer a second language skill if they want to be able to handle the usual business needs.

The same is true for telecommunication companies, installed inside and outside the Free Zone treatment in the Dominican Republic, where the level of service must meet international standards only comparable with those of high developed countries and complemented by a natural native-speaker qualification hard to get among English as second language learners. Moreover, due to the set up of companies based on international trade agreements in face of large consumers´ markets selected, especially that of the United States, our country is currently confronting the challenges of providing the necessary workforce to cover the expected demand.

Aware of this situation, the educational and official institutions have showed disposition to attend the sector’s needs by designing language training programs applicable to different levels and scenarios. But more important, the consciousness reached by the Dominican population regarding the importance of learning a second language has surpassed the expectations, making the authorities reach awareness of this need in order to generate the appropriate level of response.

On the other hand, the concept of service has evolved throughout the years becoming the main reason why customers keep making business with a particular company. The same is true for most of the products that are sold nowadays where the backup service is an additional value that customers appraise as much as the goods themselves. This is the reason why keeping contact with customers is one of the main objectives for companies all around the world. Having representatives available on the other side of the telephone line has become a major resource used for direct contact with consumers.

But companies are also watching for their operational costs by setting up these contact centers in places where they can hire employees for less payment and less tax, thus reducing their overall expenses. And here is where our country enters into the world’s service map, we have grown strong thanks to years of providing good and affordable customer service to the ultimate American markets. Now it’s time to rethink it and jump ahead in the competition!


Author: Telescopiord

The author has worked for customer service industry for around twenty years and is currently trainer and teacher for two major companies in the Dominican Republic.

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